Peach Tree

Executive Mentoring and Coaching

We provide mentoring and coaching to CEOs around the many issues that impede growth: leadership, culture, people, planning, execution, customers, “go to market” strategies and sales.

After an initial assessment, we meet with the CEO (and partners, and sometimes the Board and/or Executive team). We identify and discuss what’s currently impeding growth and what changes will be required to overcome the challenges. We develop an Action Plan, and then mentor the CEO and other executives responsible for making the required changes.

We serve as a sounding board, a trusted advisor, and a guide through the rapids of growth. Mentoring and coaching occur in a variety of settings, i.e., in person, on location, on business trips, via Skype or telephone, and in Boulder, CO.

Executive coaching sessions include advice and counsel on:

  • Staying focused on the goals and strategies
  • Managing conflict
  • Execution, measurement and feedback
  • Making tough decisions quickly
  • Improved communication with your team
  • Personnel issues
  • Your specific needs

Our Executive Mentoring and Coaching unlocks growth potential. Contact us to learn more.